Solar PV

Heat Pump Solar Photovoltaic Interface


All of our products (Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps) have an advanced dedicated PV optimised interface and will adjust themselves to use whatever free energy is available. If the heat pump is 500% efficient (as many of ours are) you'll get 5kW's of heat for 1kW of PV generated.

It is unquestionably the very best use of Solar energy.

The owner of the heat pump is eligible for the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI - the heating equivalent to the Solar FiT) and it is a very generous scheme with far better returns than the FiT.

Unlike PV, the RHI payments are based solely upon a properties EPC so the amount is guaranteed irrespective of how much heat or hot water is actually produced and used.

Optimum Energy Solutions are looking for PV installers to partner so we can both make the most of this opportunity. We can provide a full design, supply and installation service for both Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps including connection to a PV system.

PV suppliers and installers should contact us for more information.

The data sheet is available here

Product Range

The core product range consists of:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps

    • 4 to 12 kilowatts (single and three phase)

    • 6 to 21 kilowatts (single and three phase)

    • Cascade up to 72 kilowatts

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps​

    • 2 to 6 kilowatts​ (single phase)

    • 4 to 12 kilowatts (single and three phase)

    • 6 to 18 kilowatts (single and three phase)

    • Cascade up to 72 kilowatts

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