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Some of the most technically advanced products available on the market today

Energy efficient heating and cooling from the same product

Hey Alexa - turn up the heating

We are proud to be the UK partner for Pico Energy, Austria who manufacture some of the most advanced Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps on the market

•    Intelligent power control
•    Exceptionally high efficiency
•    Easy to use touch screen technology 
•    Advanced "Smart Grid" functionality
•    PV Self-consumption optimization 
•    Internet Inside
•    LAN interface as standard

•    Alexa and Google voice interface (coming soon)

The outstanding feature of the Pico Energy heat pump is its efficiency. With its special heat pump technology, the heat pump converts a kilowatt hour of electricity into five kilowatt hours of heating energy, often even more. This results in exceptionally low operating costs
compared to conventional heating systems.

Product Range

The core product range consists of:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps

    • 4 to 12 kilowatts (single and three phase)

    • 6 to 21 kilowatts (single and three phase)

    • Cascade up to 72 kilowatts

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps​

    • 2 to 6 kilowatts​ (single phase)

    • 4 to 12 kilowatts (single and three phase)

    • 6 to 18 kilowatts (single and three phase)

    • Cascade up to 72 kilowatts

Intelligent power control

The Pico Energy inverter-driven heat pump operates on a principle of adjusting the output of the heat pump to match the energy requirement of the building. This enables the heat pump to operate as efficiently as possible giving a high seasonal coefficient of performance (SCoP) or efficiency.

High Efficiency - High Return
The efficiency of the heat pump is very high due to the adjustable output of the compressor meaning the heat pump only creates the exact amount of heat required of it. This means that an SCoP of up to an incredible 5.18 is achievable. This is good news not only for ensuring low running costs, but also for optimising your payments under the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Internet Inside
All PicoEnergy heat pumps are already equipped with the future technology of "Internet Inside". This allows you as a customer to control your heat pump from your mobile phone, tablet or PC.
If the heat pump is no longer working optimally, the eat pump automatically signals the problem to your selected heat pump installer.

Smart Grid
PicoEnergy heat pumps are already "Smart Grid Ready" today.
With this function, you can use the cost savings of future electricity
networks. In times where generally less power is consumed, electricity will also be cheaper. Therefore the operating time of the heat pump should be shifted to this period. This is fully automated by Pico Energy's intelligent control system.

Solar PV and Integration of external systems
The integration of a photovoltaic system, solar system or house
management system are possible thanks to the intelligent control of the Pico Energy heat pump.
Photovoltaic integration can use the self-generated electricity for space heating as well as hot water preparation. 
Every unit of energy it receives from your Solar PV system will be multiplied around 5 times by the heat pump

High Output on a Single Phase

Being inverter-driven, the starting current is very low. This means that this ground source heat pump can be installed on a single phase electricity supply, despite having an output of up to 18kW. Heat Pumps with traditional fixed-speed compressors at outputs like this typically require a three-phase supply, which is not commonly available in the UK.

By covering heat loads of up to 18kW, this high-efficiency heat pump will be suitable to provide a total heating and hot water solution for new build properties up to 400m2 and retrofit applications up to 300m2 (dependent on thermal properties of the building).

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